The Fixer List is an international community that amplifies the work of field researchers, journalists, consultants and other global roles that require on-the-ground intelligence.

It details smart, articulate and adaptive individuals who know the lay of the land and understand what it takes to get things done in their local environment. Our fixers are drawn from diverse backgrounds have a strong active network and value working with international professionals. The Fixer List includes people from across geographies, life-stages and the socioeconomic spectrum.

Our fixers are treated as core, trusted members of the team with the responsibility and discretion that that implies, and are equitably compensated. While all start local, some go onto lead international projects.

There are two parts to the list:

  • @TheFixerListPro
    people looking to hire, plus seasoned fixers – invite only

  • @thefixerlist
    people looking to be hired as guides and fixers – public list

We also run a number of private services related to identifying and vetting new fixers, data collection, synthesis, analysis and process.


The Fixer List Team


To learn more about fixers for field research visit The Field Study Handbook.